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📣announce 👀 March 5, Thailand officially enters summer. According to the announcement of the Meteorological Department …⛈️🌂 Please be careful of summer storms, thunderstorms, strong winds. 🌳 jointly inspect the condition of trees, branches and billboards 🛣️ If found in a condition prone to break, topple, or abnormal, please notify the area office or 📞 Call the hotline in Bangkok 1555 or🔶application Traffy Fondue….

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Rama followed the deer as far as Paris.

Khon Ramayana episode: “Phra Ram Tam Kwang” (Rama followed the deer) is one of the Thai performances. The Thai arts and culture group from the Culture, Sports and Tourism Department performed at the activity area on the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette department store, located in a major shopping

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