Sportsmanship better than medals, city governor tells Bangkok youth athletes ahead of Games


Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt has told the city’s young athletes to “excel in sportsmanship” at the Thailand National Youth Games next week, adding that medals were of secondary concern.


Chadchart met with the young talents at the Bangkok Youth Centre (Thai-Japanese) on Thursday to offer advice and moral support for the city’s representatives.


The 38th National Youth Games will be held from March 25 to April 3 in Nakhon Sawan province.


Bangkok will send 849 young athletes, 433 boys and 416 girls, to compete in 43 sports disciplines at the Nakhon Sawan games. The delegation will travel to the Games, 240 kilometres north of Bangkok, accompanied by 190 coaches and trainers.


“The most important objectives of sport are to strengthen physical and mental health, and cultivate a sense of sportsmanship,” said Chadchart. “Sports teach us to accept the rules, acknowledge your wins and losses, and learn to forgive. Do not focus too much on the games’ outcome. This is your chance to learn about society, take care of your colleagues, and share your experience with others.”


The governor added that he wasn’t concerned about Bangkok athletes winning the most medals, but instead wanted to see them triumph in terms of sportsmanship. He asked the youngsters to always respect their opponents, referees, judges and the place that’s hosting the games.


He also advised the athletes to make as many new friends from other provinces as possible, explaining that what society needs the most are friendship, relationships, and kindness.


The governor thanked the coaches, trainers, and others involved for being the city’s representatives in the national tournament, which has enhanced Bangkok’s reputation over the years.

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