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Bangkok gets greener by another 61 trees along Thawee Wattana canal


Another 61 trees were planted in Thawee Wattana district on Sunday as part of the 1-million trees in Bangkok project.

Supervising the planting of the 61 Thong Urai (Tecoma stans or yellow elder) trees was Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) permanent-secretary Khajit Chatchavanich.



The trees were planted along Thawee Wattana canal on the side where it connects with the Sala Thammasop area.

Apart from planting trees, BMA volunteers also added “effective microorganisms” to the canal to improve its water quality.

Governor Chadchart Sittipunt’s project to plant a million trees across the capital does not just add to Bangkok’s aesthetic appeal, but is also aimed to help air pollution, especially PM2.5 fine dust.

Khajit has invited Bangkokians to join the project and track its progress by downloading the “Pluk Anakot” (Planting for Future) mobile application or adding the Line account @tomorrowtree.

People can also plant a tree of their choice at home or elsewhere and add its details, including type, photo and location to either the app or Line account.

The app will keep track of every tree planted and will remind owners to take care of it.

As of February 26, people have committed to planting 1,641,310 trees, of which 282,678 have already been planted.

You can keep up with the project’s progress via www.bkk1milliontrees.com.