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Bangkok follows up on work to protect children and youth from e-cigarettes in response to urgent government policy.



Assoc. Prof. Tavida Kamolvej, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, chaired the meeting of the Bangkok Tobacco Product Control Committee No. 1/2024. She said drugs and e-cigarettes are issues that the government has identified as urgent policy matters. The search for e-cigarettes in educational institutions can be combined with the search for drugs. Even though e-cigarettes are not drugs, practitioners may still not know the relevant laws, causing them to be unable to follow the situation and take incomplete actions. There must be recommendations from the committee and experts on how to proceed to achieve the goals:

At the meeting, various matters were reported as follows:

1. Campaign issue for World No Tobacco Day 2024: The World Health Organization has stated “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference.” Thailand uses the communication issue of protecting children from tobacco business policy interference through the campaign slogan: #E-cigarettes: Stop the lies.

2. Bangkok has announced the Bangkok Tobacco Product Control Committee on guidelines for controlling tobacco products in Bangkok, dated 8 February 2024, to prevent children and youth from being harassed and harmed by cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

3. Bangkok joins in the e-cigarette operation with various agencies in 3 locations, including the Trok Khosand, Phra Nakhon district, Khlong Thom Center, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, and Yaowarat districts, including Samphanthawong district. On 15 February 2024, it was found that e-cigarettes and other e-cigarette products worth more than 5,000,000 baht were seized.


The meeting then considered the matter of having all educational institutions survey the use of drugs and drugs among students and personnel involved in the educational institutions by reporting them via an online system when detected. It is to provide surveillance information and help planning, and there is a letter informing parents of all students prohibiting students from bringing drugs and addictive substances, including electronic cigarettes, into the educational institution. There is a deadline for reporting results on the 5th day of the following month or when an incident is discovered.

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